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Whitsunday Island

The whole Whitsunday group surrounds the biggest island Whitsunday Island. Named after the day at the beginning of June in 1770 when the then Leuitenant James Cook landed on the east coast of Australia.

On the east side of the island you will find the famous Whitehaven Beach, stretching an impressive 7 kilometres, creating awe inspiring photograph opportunities of the white silica beach. The sands of Whitehaven have been drawn up from the depths of nearby volcanic passages from ground down quartz. The fine 99.8% silica is not only of a grade used for mirrors and glass, it is said to be so pure it was used for the lenses of the Hubble Telescopes!

Movie lovers may recognise the beach from scenes in the blockbuster Fools Gold, featuring Matthew McConaughey, Kate Hudson and Donald Sutherland, on a treasure hunt set in the Caribbean.

The opposite side of Whitsunday, has some deep channels running through which are also protected by the island. Because of this a harbour was created for war ships to take shelter and waiting out the pending attacks! Cid Harbour is still a popular overnight stop for many boats visiting the Whitsundays includingon occassion our catamarans. The nights in this bay create sounds to send the most of insomniac people to sleep; with the calm waters echoing the sounds of cycades, cane toads and kukaburras amongst other forest dwellers.

Hamilton Island

The most populated island. With 1500 permenant residents and up to 5000 transiant visitors, Hamilton Island has real estate to match. The north east side of the island has a few high rise holiday resorts to house holidaymakers and penthouse style luxury villas looking out over the Whitsunday Passage to the north. The east side of Hamilton Island has a marina big enough to accomodate up to 245 boats and an airport that has regular flights to and from city airports up and down the east coast of Australia.



Dent Island

The once logged, rolling hills of Dent Island have now been turned into a world class Golf Course with a round of golf costing a pricey $150. However, it is a popular destination and is rated one of the best in the world because of the views and location.