Whitsundays North Islands

Whitsundays Northern Islands

Whitsundays Blue Pearl Bay

Whitsundays Hook Island

Whitsunday Sunset

Whitsundays Langford Reef

Whitsundays Catamarans spend the majority of their trips around the north end of the Whitsunday islands. This is where you will find the best snorkelling and diving is in the bays of Hook and Hayman Islands, around Langford Reef and from the smaller Border and Dumbell Islands.

Hook Island

As the second biggest island in the Whitsundays group, Hook Island has a little bit of something for everyone. The dive and snorkel sites around the north side offer some great variation in coral formations. It is permenant home to some of our largest Maori Wrasse as well as seasonal meeting place Manta Rays.

Hook Island has one of the lowest cost resort that has an observatory that was built in the 1960's. Although it survived through two cyclones, the observatory is sadly now closed down although will not be dismantled as it remains part of the Whitsunday islands history.

On the south west side of the island the beautiful Nara Inlet was once the seasonal camp to the local Ngaro, Aboriginal tribe. The cave paintings and an information centre is a great place to get immersed in the islands history that is thought to date back over 8000 years!

Hayman Island

The island with the 6* resort! A favourite with honeymooners and those seeking a little bit of an escape from the hustle bustle of the mainland, and a feeling of holidaying in paradise. With private moorings infront of the resort, only those wishing to stay there generally stop.

Whitsunday Catamarans will try to get you a taste of that desired paradise by taking you further north on the island and giving you a chance to snorkel or dive in Blue Pearl Bay, an understandably popular site.

Langford Island Reef

This idyllic island is at least twice the size at low tide as it is at high tide! With a hill of bushland making up the north end of the island and a sand bar stretching almost a mile south, the high tide totally washes the majority of the island away at least twice a day. On either side of the sand bar is reef, starting at the beach and dropping gradually off to 15 metres.

Langford Island was also the set for an advertisement for Tourism Queensland forming the quote "Where the bloody hell are ya?!"

Bird Island and Black Island

These are 2 of the smallest islands in the Whitsundays group and although it is possible and beautiful to snorkel around the islands it is prohibitted to set foot on either one as they create a sanctuary for a number of bird species to nest in peace. Birds may include white-breasted sea eagles and stone curlews among others.