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Whitsunday Catamarans

Whitsunday Catamarans

Whitsunday Catamarans



Below are just a few comments from Whitsunday Blue's happy passengers.


Greg & Cathy - 18/09/2014

The crew both did a great job. Friendly and knowledgeable. Kept us feeling safe and comfortable.  Food was tasty with lots of snacks. It was our first time on a boat. We thought it was great

June & Martina - 11/09/2014

The crew were absolutely amazing! best experience ever!

Autridge - 26/08/2014

The crew were very knowledgeable, informative and patient. The captain was great and the host was beautiful. We were extreamly well fed, amazing for a small kitchen. The boat was nice and roomy.

Beatrice - 19/08/2014

The crew was amazing! Kind, fun and always willing to help us with whatever we needed. Food was delicious, the boat was great!

Georgia - 19/08/2014

The crew were both fantastic, there was always plenty of food and perfect quality. The boat was perfect accommodation.

Kumps - 14/08/2014

The Fun and professional crew. They made us feel safe and welcome. The food was delicious. Its lovely to have drinks and snacks as well in between meals - perfect!

Thickner - 31/07/2014

The crew were excellent, friendly and sociable. Fantastic all round, nothing was too much trouble. The food was really excellent cooked food with plenty of it. The boat is well equipped, roomy and very comfortable.

Rogers - 22/07/2014

Excellent service, friendly and knowledgeable. Delicious food and plenty of it.

Hall - 15/07/2014

Great crew, friendly, well informed. They made us feel at home and relaxed. A fabulous experience that we will share with our family and friends and encourage them to experience it for themselves. Thank you both! We had great food, well prepared and served, thank you Lucy!. It was a comfortable boat, with plenty of hot water to shower, en-suit facilities and comfortable beds.

Jody & Leon - 10/07/2014

The crew were great characters, great care and services, great trip, thanks Ali and Jas it was awesome. We had great meals and plenty of food and drinks! Fantastic. The boat was very comfortable and user friendly.

Alexandros - 10/07/2014

The crew are very friendly, adorable, caring - the best! The food was cooked brilliantly and the boat is awesome!

Green - 08/07/2014

Crew were clear and humerus, very enjoyable! Excellent food and range of different foods. The boat is easy to navigate without difficulty. Space in cabins was great with lots of nooks to put things away.

Puntel - 24/06/2014

Excellent crew, very friendly and professional. Ally is a great chef and very attentive to detail. Was not expecting such nice food on a boat trip. The boat was very comfortable and enjoyable. Good value for money.

Cheetham - 05/06/2014

Very good quality food and beautiful boat!

Byrnes - 05/06/2014

Jason and Lucy were great, very helpful and so knowledgeable of the area/ history and wildlife. Lucy's cooking was great. We didn't go hungry. Loved the pancakes and nachos! Lovely touch.

Summers  - 29/05/2014

Jason and Ally did a great job! Made the trip very enjoyable. They were so knowledgeable and fun! Every stop was enhanced with input from our great crew. I am so full! All good, well prepared and presented food! The boat is great! Very comfortable with lots of room.

Hammell - 29/05/2014

Amazing captain and host. Made us feel like family. I had the best time at all the stops listening to Jason tell us the history of the area. Ally did a fantastic job with such little space. I don't think any of us fit into our pants as well as we did just a few days ago! Great variety. I was impressed by how much room we had.

Morris - 13/05/2014

Wonderful crew wanting to give us a great trip. Nothing was too much trouble. We had a rainy trip but managed to experience the Whitsundays. Skipper was determined to give us a safe and memorable trip with the opportunity to snorkel even though the weather was not great.

Bennett - 17/04/2014

Both crew were great, very friendly and knowledgeable. The food was good with nice variety. Boat was very nice!

Meadwell - 17/04/2014

I always felt very comfortable and safe on the boat. Ally did a great job at making everyone comfortable and Jason did a great job of teaching me about the area (and of course, driving the boat). All the food was great. Afternoon snack of nachos and meaty dinners was delicious. Boat was really grea- wonderful spot to hang out and great for eating.

Wetton - 10/04/2014

Captain and host were excellent, food was excellent and plentiful.

Harry J - 01/03/2014

The crew were very professional and friendly as well as knowledgeable. All the food was well presented and we had plenty and lots of variation. The boat was 1st class!

K Battersby - 01/03/2014

The crew were very friendly and great hosts. The food had great variety and was well presented. What a way to travel!

S & J C - 27/02/2014

The crew couldn't have been bettered. I wish our appetites were as good as the food!

David K - 27/02/2014

The crew had awesome attitude and professionalism. It creates a great atmosphere. There was a lot of food which is awesome. Also a nice variation. The boat has great spaces on and below the deck.

Becky - 22/02/2014

Ali was a lovely host, always cheerful and running around after us. The captain Aaron was so knowledgeable and had some hilarious stories. Ali kept us well fed throughout the trip and I was very impressed with her cooking skills especially in a boat. The boat was kept clean and tidy and the beds were comfortable. Overall a excellent standard.

Sam B - 22/02/2014

Amazing captain with an outstanding knowledge of everything and an excellent and very attentive host. There was so much food given out and all to an outstanding standard. The boat was amazing and well kept.

Nick P - 25/01/2014

Aaron was a great block, great sailor, very knowledgeable about local geography, history and native life etc. Ali was extremely friendly, great cook, kept moral up, and kept everything spotless. Both excellent customer service. Ali was a very competent cook. Awesome variety and we never went hungry. Only complaint would be too much food (nice problem to have)! The boat was always clean, tidy and safe.

Issy H - 25/01/2014

Both Ali and Aaron made us and the whole group feel very much at home. We had such an amazing trip and as our second time on Blue, we'll be back again for sure. The food couldn't be better. A great choice for all preferences. Well fed and well looked after. The boat was excellent and very comfortable.

Colin - 23/01/2014

Superb hosts. Very relaxed and friendly. The crew were informative and great fun. The food was very nice. Very thoughtful about food issues. Also very well cooked and prepared. The boat was the highlight of my whole holiday. I don't want to get off.

Yves M - 14/01/2014

The crew were very knowledgeable and easy going. The captain was very friendly and the host was very dedicated. Both made the trip amazing. The food was well cooked and very diverse and fresh. We loved the light lunch to be able to snorkel with well in the afternoon and the BBQ at night were amazing. The boat was great. Very comfortable and plenty of space to hang around. 

Jackie K - 03/01/2014

The crew made a great effort and were extremely helpful and friendly. The food was very enjoyable and of great variety.

Yvonne - 30/11/2013

The crew were really nice and friendly. Captain was very informative. Host was really hard working, nothing was too much bother, always smiling and very helpful. The food was nice and had lots of it. The boat was nice and clean, we did some great sailing in the heavy winds.

Sasha - 29/10/2013

the crew were very approachable and knowledgeable. Even offered a cuppa as soon as we got on the boat from snorkeling - impressive touch. Local knowledge of the area and history was vast and entertaining. The food was a very impressive menu and yum snacks (i.e nachos +guacamole and cheese platter) were a great touch. Portions were generous and seconds great.

Tobias - 22/10/2013

Both Erica and Toby were top notch! Toby was very knowledgeable about the islands, the fish, sailing and a number of other things. he was very approachable and was always willing to answer questions. Erica looked after our every need. there was a wide variety of food to eat, and all very well prepared. had a delicious alternative meal one night too since i don't eat red meat. there was plenty of food that was all delicious. the boat had a good amount of room with great amenities. i loved the privacy of an individual cabin. the boat was very clean and you can tell it is crewed an maintained with a lot of love.

Brittany & Mike - 22/10/2013

We loved our crew. Erica and Toby were fantastic. they were helpful and friendly and excited about the trip. They were also very knowledgeable. the food was yum! i never had to worry about being hungry. the boat was very clean and well maintained.

Michael - 17/10/2013

The captain was very knowledgeable and made us comfortable. Cassy was a lovely hostess who made us feel at home. the food was presented well and was always at the right time. The boat was very roomy for the 10 of us and it also sailed and motored well.

Andrew - 17/10/2013

We had an excellent experience and would love to come back, it was the highlight of our holiday. the food was fantastic. We weren't expecting such good food. the boat was very comfortable and having a room and en-suit each was brilliant.

Cadee & Ryan - 05/10/2013

The Crew was very knowledgeable and friendly. the food was all wonderfully prepared and beautifully presented. We would like to have a chef as good as Ryan at home. The boat was clean and well kept. We especially liked the clean, sanitized wet suits and snorkel gear.

Charlie - 26/09/2013

Awesome team! Very friendly and personal. Combination of both their personalities coupled with the hosts wonderful cooking, Jason's Perfect taste in lots of variety of music and their joint love for the water made it an exceptional trip of a lifetime. The food was a good variety and the boat had great facilities, i was amazed what facilities are available in limited room!

Martin - 21/09/2013

The crew worked as a team and made us feel comfortable, at home and on holiday. Fantastic host and guide. Experienced captain and we felt safe 100% of the time. The food was varied and healthy and tasted superb. The boat was very comfortable, stable with good cabins and plenty of fresh air.

Michele & Wayde - 21/09/2013

The crew were wonderful with a friendly service. they were informative, fun and couldn't do enough for us. I was very impressed. Our food was totally catered for as Wayde and I have food allergies. It was delicious and plentiful. It is a awesome catamaran, very well kept and comfortable. We have waited 15 years to do this and we weren't disappointed at all.

Matt & Lisha - 14/09/2013

Aaron and Ryan were both fantastic. they were very informative, helpful and accommodating through the whole trip. the Whitsundays are amazing, but they made the trip the great experience it was. We thought the information on the internet about the food on board was setting the bar a bit high, but it exceeded our expectations. the food was perfect for the trip and we will miss it for the rest of our vacation and likely once we are home. The boat was nice and roomy for the eight passengers. It was kept very clean and tidy. The private rooms for the four couples was nice to allow some privacy which isn't always easy on tours like this.

Nina & Ernie - 07/09/2013

Best instructions on snorkeling ever. Made for more of an enjoyable experience. Went out of the way to give extra experience of whales and dolphins. Nothing was ever too much trouble for the host. There was plenty of food for all. i was impressed with the fresh fruit salads and BBQ meats. Also choice of teas. Good touch with hot drinks offered after snorkeling. 

Mitch & Holli - 27/08/2013

Jase is a champ, puts on a great show and is a very good sailor. Cass was a lovely host providing everything everyone needs. The food was lovely. plenty of meals. I've haven't eaten so much since Christmas.

Miller - 29/3/2013

Sarah and Willo were very knowledgeable and friendly. They made the trip engaging and enjoyable. Generous portions of great fresh food we were never left wanting more. Relaxing, Invigorating and memorable.

Piggott - 27/3/2013

The crew were always pleasant, very informative and attentive. We were fed so well we definitely did not go hungry. A great boat - we've never been on anything like this before it more than met our expectations.

French - 27/3/2013

Knowledgeable, friendly and approachable crew, nothing was too much trouble. There was TOO MUCH food. Delicious we loved the salads and the home made cake. Comfortable with more than enough shade for my pale body ha-ha.

Tizard -25/3/2013

Crew were great. Flexible, helpful and made sure we had everything we needed. We didnt have to do a thing! The food was very enjoyable, loved all the fruit and salads. All very nicely presented snacks and tea available we we came out of the water - perfect! Really great trip!

Blesa -

Jayme and Kyall are awesome! I would like to come back again and recommend this trip to my friends. Amazing people. Jayme prepared a wonderful and delicious meal all the time we loved it!

Holland - 19/01/2013

Very knowledgeable captain, very approachable when we had any questions. Host was very attentive and friendly and created a really nice atmosphere on board. Lots of great food and varied , there was something for everyone.

Walker - 28/1/2013

The crew were very relaxed , calm and helpful. Kurt tried very hard to let us see good fish and Chrissie was great with the food- very organized , very clean and great presentation. Over all it was a fantastic experience.

Xuigu -

Captain was very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. Learnt a lot of things from him. Great selection of food, Aimee is a very good chef. Great adventure, would love to come back again.

Matt & Danielle -

Aaron knows all there is to know about the area and then some! Jayme kept us all entertained and well fed and always wore a smile. We have never been so well fed so often. Simply amazing.


Fantastic info and stories from Willo and excellent meals and hospitality from Vikki- couldn't have asked for a more better or fun crew. Lovely food and lots of it. Amazing what Vikki can do in that galley with Willo on the BBQ - brilliant. Lovely and spacious, always shade and sunshine for those that wanted it. We had the best time definitely the highlight of our trip to Australia and New Zealand. Thank you!

Tommo made sure we had access to the varied activities. Doesn't need ale to have a good time! Nothing was a bother to the crew. Kathy & I had a fab time. LOVED the see-through kayak! Cabins are cosy. Loved the sailing on the wind. Thank you

The crew were a lot of fun to be with, very friendly & looked after us very well. Thanks to Annika for ‘easing’ me into the water & for encouraging me to get over my fear of snorkeling. Truly amazing. Thanks guys. Garrett & Denise, Ireland.


Honestly couldn’t be better! Awesome crew (Annika & Nat), awesome food and amazing sights. Will be back soon we hope. Thank you so much. Kelly & Graham, Sydney.


Amazing trip.. Everything was so well organised, we had so much fun and enjoyed the company of Captain Thomo, The food from Charley was just fabulous, Thank you so much, we will be back next year. Stephanie and Johan Jorgensen, Switzerland.


Food was just unbelievable, it was better than most restaurants, this trip was laid back and relaxing, we especially liked the snorkelling with Elvis the Maori Wrasse. Brian Harrington and Joanne Sullivan, England.


Awesome trip, awesome company in what was just the best time I have ever had. I am just so pleased we went on Whitsunday Blue. A big thanks to the agent for steering us towards you guys, we are very grateful for the effort that you go to, thanks and thanks again. Mary Fahey and Mark Finesse.


After travelling around Australia for 8 weeks this was just what we were looking for. Someone to spoil us for three days, And boy were we spoilt thanks Thommo and Charley for a trip of a lifetime, can’t wait to send the pictures home. Ian Broughton Fiona Broughton.