Powerplay - Client Feedback




Don't just take our word for it, here's what Powerplay passengers have to say...

Ellise - 14/09/2016

Best trip so far on my travels, looked after very well. Food way amazing! Staff were lovely, would definitely book again!

Zoe - 12/09/2016

Definitely the best trip I've been on in Oz! Skipper Moxy and Host Nora were so much fun and got us all involved straight away :) Loved the snorkeling and scuba diving especially! Will be sad to leave.

Stan- 08/09/2016

The best experience. Luke & Damo were a great host and captain. They entertained us so well, with some great cooking skills and had a lot of knowledge about the Whitsundays!

Rafael- 22/08/2016

It has been a really amazing experience. Such nice people, and both Polly and the Captain have been fantastic! Thank you so much for everything. 

Adriano- 20/08/2016

Great adventure. Lot's of enjoyable activities and plenty of great food. Well organized and very caring staff & Captain on-board. I found great balance which made the whole trip very enjoyable. Thank you for some great memories. 

Lisa and Allen- 20/08/2016

An amazing way to see the beautiful Whitsundays. The boat was very comfortable and more spacious than it looks from the outside. Captain and host both had lots of knowledge of the islands. Food was lovely and there was always enough for seconds :) Would definitely recommend this boat. 

Gemma- 18/08/2016

Incredible trip, thank you! Good amount of time at the beach and snorkeling. Jumping, paddle-boarding etc. were awesome extra activities. Great food! Slideshow is a great idea for photos. Super friendly crew who made us feel at home, cared for, and a Powerplay family. Professional and fun. THANK YOU!


Laura- 15/08/2016

Awesome. Fun staff and people. Even though the weather wasn't great, the crew made it so we still enjoyed everything the same! Great room, food, games and foam party. You just need a fake turtle!

Brady- 13/08/2016

Absolutely loved it! Definitely one of the best experiences I've had in Australia so far. Crew were all very helpful and fun!

Marjorie- 10/08/2016

Amazing trip. Beautiful snorkeling with turtles, my dream come true! We saw lots of whales. We went to wonderful places to see fish and the Whitsundays! Really nice people on the boat, and perfect staff. I don't want to leave this adventure. Thanks!

Jane- 10/08/2016

Amazing!! The boat is very comfortable, the food is so good, and the crew are awesome. The skipper was very knowledgeable and the host was very involved with us. They seemed very excited which definitely excited us. I've done this trip 3 times and every time is unbelievable. Thank you Damo for your patience!

Tyler- 08/08/2016

Powerplay was incredible! The value for money was outstanding and the crew went too far beyond the call of duty to make sure we had an unforgettable trip. I really can't thank them enough and I would recommend Powerplay to absolutely anyone. Thank you so much for the trip of a lifetime. 

Kate- 08/08/2016

The trip was awesome! Captain and host looked after us so well, made sure we had fun, and were fed well! They made sure we got everything out of the experience. I would recommend this trip to anyone!

Jack- 04/08/2016

Powerplay was unreal!! Loved the whole trip and was a great experience. Made some new pals and had constant fun and laughter. Damo and Luke were amazing! They are so funny together and I personally laughed the whole time with them! Legends!!

Damon & Julie- 04/08/2016

Very good trip and very well organized! Having a photographer and slide show on the last night is a great idea. Very pleased with everything, hope you continue to run the trip this way. Best of luck for the future!

Denny & Wendy- 01/08/2016

The crew made these few days! The Whitsundays are beautiful and we had a great group. Thanks for everything; an unforgettable experience! And the photos taken by Leah made ti even better! Thanks!

Karen- 01/08/2016

One of the highlights of our trip to Australia. The food was delicious. We saw all the beautiful animals there is! The possibility for scuba diving was really nice too. The staff, facilities and boat were perfect! Thanks a lot for this great trip!

Daniel- 28/07/2016

Genuinely the best trip. The crew were great. They made it the best experience of the Whitsunday Islands. The food was great and I would happily do it again.

Cassandra- 16/07/2016

The food was very good and good portions. The schedule was perfect, had a great time doing all the activities. Damo & Luke made this trip. We had two days without sun. but they were always bright and smiling which made the trip GREAT! Damo waited for us to snorkel in the pouring rain which was much appreciated! THANKS!!! :)

Jade- 16/07/2016

Can't fault anything. Crew set fun vibes, very professional and helpful from start to finish. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone. Legends!! Keep up the awesome business!! 

Graham- 11/07/2016

Powerplay had a great relaxed vibe. Good mix of ages and nationalities and great snorkeling and diving. Host and Captain were excellent. Both knowledgeable and friendly!

Ella- 09/07/2016

Really nice trip! Good activities and schedule. You felt taken care of and the food was great!!

Jordan- 25/06/2016

Unreal. 10/10 experience. Better than the Outer Great Barrier Reef. Quality music and saw a whale!

Katy- 04/04/2016

Amazing food and the crew made the trip hilarious. Thank you for the personal touches you guys added- the stories of your growing up here, fishing trips, music playlists, and being genuinely kind!

Michele- 26/03/2015

Both crew members were great, nothing was too much to ask for. Full of information about the trip/where we were going and what was there! Food had great variety and plenty to have!

Eliane- 17/03/2015

Loved it- couldn't have had a better crew! the crew did a perfect job. We really enjoyed the trip. The food was absolutely amazing!

Vickie & David- 27/02/2015

Very friendly and competent. The food was great, we even asked for one of the recipes.

Lauri- 15/01/2015

I have seen many of these kind of cruises, but this is definitely the best crew I have seen!

Elena- 18/12/2014

Both captain and host were amazing! Super friendly and organized. Food was delicious, especially the chicken!

Richardo - 24/11/2014

All very friendly and approachable. Excellent knowledge of the Whitsundays and the marine life. Enjoyed the talks each night. Something for everything. The food was really good! Nice to have hot showers!

Delshamns- 22/11/2014

Crew really pay attention to the guests. They explain things about the Whitsundays, everything is very clean and they are friendly. The picture moment at night is a good idea. Food was much better than expected, it was delicious. Variety and quantity was good. Nachos were amazing!

Pares - 22/11/2014

Crew make you feel right at home from the very beginning. Always willing to help and make things easy for passengers. Food excellent all the time. Different types of food, all of them delicious. Quantity and quality very good.

Mindy - 15/09/2014

I was very impressed with the range of skills everyone has. The crew was very friendly and funny and the host was also a chef and photographer :). The food had good portions and variety. BBQ was great and the nachos were amazing! The boat has all the facilities required.

Marico - 01/09/2014

The crew were very friendly yet had an experienced atmosphere. There was good fresh food provided and the vessel is in good condition and wasn't over crowded during the trip.


Fredrick - 09/08/2014

The crew was very nice and funny. The beach walk was interesting and peaceful.

Wendy - 31/07/2014

The crew were very friendly. They were there for us the whole day and helped us do a lot. The food was also very good. There was plenty of it and it was there for us the whole day- PERFECT! The boat was nice and had everything on it that we needed.

Carina - 21/07/2014

Thank you for providing me with such a nice and unforgettable trip. What I experienced was way beyond my expectations. I was very impressed by what food we get on board!


Melanie - 23/06/2014

The crew is excellent, and we had great choices of food. The boat was beautiful and we slept really well!

Maria - 02/06/2014

There was always something to eat and snack on. The meals were complete and creative.


Iris - 02/06/2014

The crew were very friendly and had a good sense of humor. The food was great and the boat had lots of places to sit and even a shower!

Myrthe - 02/06/2014

The food was yum! I was never hungry after a long day in the water. I loved the front of the boat.

Julia - 02/06/2014

The crew were really friendly and made veeryone feel comfortable and welcome. The dive intsructor made us feel comfortable to dive even though I was nervous. The food was impressive. There was always enough for everyone and it was good food. The boat was spacious and comfy.


Elisabeth - 02/06/2014

We had really nice crew! They were well prepared and always friendly. The food was creative and nice.

Chris - 05/05/2014

Awesome crew, hot tub is a life saver!

Mary - 28/04/2014

All crew members were friendly, informative and very professional in their job roles. The food was great and served well. The boat was fab!

Cydnee - 21/04/2014

The crew are a WONDERFUL group of guys! Their friendliness and humor made the trip very enjoyable. The food was so yummy thank you crew!

Emily - 21/04/2014

All three of the crew were very funny guys who showed us an all round good time, easily my favorite part of coming to Australia. The food was awesome and we never went hungry. The boat was much nicer and cleaner then I expected.

Peter - 25/03/2014

All three crew were excellent and added to the experience. The food was very tasty and there was plenty of it. The boat met all expectations.

Michelle & Miles - 21/01/2014

All of the crew were extremely easy to get along with. The food was tasty and had large amounts. The boat was clean and we had heaps of space.

Lawler - 07/01/2014

The crew were very accommodating. Good Banter and great lads. We had a good amount of food and a good variety for all. The boat was clean.

Margo - 22/10/2013

The crew were very helpful, diligent and entertaining. there was plenty of food and great variety. loved every meal. had a great balance of healthy and tasty treats. The boat is great value for money. the beds were comfy and had plenty of air at night. Loved the spa with plenty of space for everyone.

Travis & Rachel - 15/10/2013

Ben, Rob and Nick are a credit to Powerplay. they make sure everyone is having the time of their lives. We never went hungry. It was our first time on a catamaran and we both loved our trip.

Amy - 28/09/2013

The captain was fantastic. the dive instructor was very funny and professional and was also very passionate about his fish's. The host was fun and amazing at making tea at everyone's request, amazing food. I might ask for a job :)

Emma - 28/09/2013

Friendliest staff on the Whitsundays. Constantly providing us with sarcasm and giggles. Gareth even made the serious stuff fun, and Ben's photography skills gave us awesome pictures. Ben kept us well fed, we are going to have to roll off the boat as we are unable to walk. Gareth is a BBQ extraordinaire. Loved the sleepover boudoir and film night.

Georgie - 19/09/2013

Tanya was an amazing driver, she answered lots of questions and showed us maps of where er traveled. nick was a very good diver and supportive when some passengers where nervous. Ben was the best cook/cleaner. All the crew were lovely and had a great sense of humor. the food was great with lots of variety. people with special requirements were looked after well. the boat was very clean and well kept. crew definitely are to be thanked for this, keeping it very well maintained.

Damien - 19/09/2013

Very friendly crew members and they were very informative on all different areas we would be visiting. I also learnt a lot from the slide show they put up about the fish and reef. I initially had the impression the food on the boat would be three small meals a day with nothing in between, but i was very WRONG! Had some amazing food on here and was actually eating 5 times a day!

Candice - 17/09/2013

The dive instructor was very patient and made me feel comfortable and safe. The food was excellent and all meals were delicious and there was more then enough to go around. Food was 5 star!

Gria - 12/09/2013

The crew were very encouraging and patient. Especially to the divers who were new or less confident in experience. there was a good selection of food and plenty of it. The boat was good!

Lynsey - 03/09/2013

Crew were really friendly. We immediately felt relaxed in their company. their enthusiasm was brilliant even when the weather wasn't so good. Food was excellent to do it in such a small space was impressive. I didn't feel hungry once. very satisfied! Boat was comfortable and cleanliness was kept on top of too!

Katie - 03/09/2013

All three crew were efficient, friendly and great hosts. Especially when the weather turned bad, Charlie was brilliant at maintaining the team to be more upbeat and positive. they all have the perfect attitude for the boat trip. Couldn't fault the! thanks Guys!! I'll be full for days, we never went hungry and the quality of the food was superb.

Katelyn - 01/08/2013

Everyone went above and beyond to ensure we had a great trip. Heidi, josh, Scott and Captain Aaron all had great info and suggestions. I ate a lot! excellent means with BBQ and fresh fruit and vegetables. Awesome! Crew were very attentive to keep us comfortable, clean and safe.

Anne-Marie - 12/05/2013

Crew were very friendly, relaxed and funny. We had a lot of fun with them. Loved the food! big variety and so delicious. Lots of possibilities to enjoy the trip - snorkeling, paddle boards, spa and relaxing area.

Jannis - 12/05/2013

The crew have been awesome for the whole trip. They kept a good atmosphere on the boat despite the stress for the. heaps of good food, always tasty and fresh. After every single meal i felt like i wont be able to move anymore because i ate too much. Top boat. Clean, tidy and well maintained.

McIntosh - 25/4/2013

All of the crew were very helpful and friendly - quick to help and lovely to chat too. Great food and a good hardy snacks after the water activities. Powerplay is a great boat, clean and light. Loved the nets on the bow for sunbathing and relaxing. AMAZING - first time diving and absolutely loved it.

Andreas - 25/4/2013

Crew were friendly, organized, efficient, great fun to spend time with. Well looked after, safety was always paramount. Worked well together under great leadership from Tanya (skipper). Plenty of great food and better than expected. Plenty of spa for all of us. Powerplay was great fun!

Lars - 06/4/2013

Wonderful I loved the dive as a non diver I thank you for the opportunity. Just great food and such a huge variety of different side dishes.Powerplay is definitely the best boat when its raining - always something to do. Rainy but awesome!

Caroline - 28/3/2013

Excellent crew that looked after us very well. Very impressed with the food, very fresh and we never went hungry. Powerplay was very clean and comfortable, it was a great experience and I will recommend to everyone!

Claire, Laura & Amanda - 26/3/2013

Great crew and really helpful and good diving guidance. Great choice of food and plenty of it. Good for vegetarians.

Barron - 12/3/2013

Great staff and friendly crew, Definitely made the trip even more enjoyable. Food was good and I don't think there was a single moment we went hungry. Wow what a beautiful boat. Powerplay is perfect for diving and I loved the spa!

Landon - 26/2/2013

Crew were all very friendly - felt safe on the boat! Well fed Casey did a great job and was always preparing fresh food and keeping the boat clean. Boat was well kept and great fun. Fantastic, friendly and fun!

Woollastar - 12/2/2013

All very friendly and enthusiastic throughout the whole trip. The nachos rocked my world!!! Cabin was surprisingly roomy and the air con was great.Relaxing and fun - good taste of diving.

Burch - 15/1/2013

All crew were fantastic and enthusiastic. The dives were amazing, had complete confidence in the dive instructor with regards to safety. Food was good I never went hungry and there were seconds which I am always a fan of! Powerplay was very comfortable. over all it was an awesome trip.

Burtt - 8/1/2013

Crew were all good dudes. I will miss them dearly! The steak was just right the potato bake on the first night was bang on! There were some super special touches. The boat had plenty of grunt and the sheer power was intoxicating. I also liked the Blue lights on the back for attracting dolphins - they work!!!!

One of the best trips Ive been on ever! Diving!! Highlight of my trip. Especially through the caves! Captain, crew & dive instructor were fantastic. We will definitely be traveling with Whitsunday Catamarans again. Thanks! Charlie Ghaleb - Australia


I am lost for words! I can safely say that this has been one of the best trips I have completed. Duncan skippered the boat well and has a very good work ethic. Now the ladies (Rach and Jodi), where do I begin. No, really the pair have been tremendous and I can’t thank them enough. The diving was really exceptional and now I believe that I am improving with every dive. The food was also very good, and it probably has been the best meals for the past 11 months. Thanks guys!! Gavin Stuart Anderson – Scotland