Adventurer - Client Feedback






Read our feedback's below from some of our happy Adventurer guests :)

Alice & James- 06/10/2016

Fantastic trip! Loved the sailing, snorkeling and using the kayak and paddle boards. Also felt very luxurious to use the hot tub! Will definitely recommend to friends and family traveling to the Whitsundays.

Lauren- 24/09/2016

Amazing experience, lovely and knowledgeable crew. Loved the snorkeling spots and whitehaven beach. The trip was well organised and I think we packed in as much as was possible into the time we had. Food was lovely and it was a great laid back atmosphere. Thank you!

Steph & Phil- 10/09/2016

Great experience, best of the Whitsundays in 2 nights. Really enjoyable and great staff. Dave and Mick were fantastic and really great company!

Elena- 08/09/2016

Although we were expecting a lot of rain prior to the trip, the crew made sure we all felt comfortable and were in a good mood. They were very knowledgeable and good fun. Great team spirit! The people on the boat were all very nice.Very enjoyable, would do it again. Second snorkeling spot was great! Thanks for being flexible regarding going to Whitehaven Beach as it meant we could enjoy good weather there! 

Danielle- 08/09/2016

It was truly awesome! Positivity and optimism created a good atmosphere and good weather! Amazing! Wouldn't have wanted to miss out. Nice crew, nice people, amazing trip. 

Wendy- 27/08/2016

From the moment we were greeted at the marina, Elina and Mick were friendly and hospitable. They explained the rules with humor. Our time on board Adventurer was comfortable and relaxing and this was aided by how great our crew were!

Laura- 25/08/2016

It has been a great experience. The cabin was larger then expected and the food was delicious. Simon was incredibly knowledgeable and took us to some great snorkeling spots. Antony is very good at his job. He works very hard and is always in good spirits!

Ellen- 23/08/2016 

Fantastic trip. You get the most out of a 2 night, 2 day timetable, without feeling rushed. Well fed and watered and a variety of food with plenty to go around. Perfect way to relax, have a laugh, and experience the Whitsundays. Thank-you!

Domenica & Nicola- 23/08/2016

We had a great time on the boat. Our cabin was comfortable, and clean. All the crew members were kind and very friendly. It was really an amazing experience. Thank you!

Lexy- 20/08/2016

I thought the trip was very cool and interesting. It was a good experience, especially for a water lover. The staff was very friendly, informative, and I would recommend this trip to other people. Thanks for the memories!

Emma- 13/08/2016

Fantastic trip- the food was incredible, the activities were great and I loved the snorkeling. Hosts were brilliant- very friendly and welcoming. Had an absolute blast.

Anne- 13/08/2016

The Whitsunday Adventurer and it's crew exceeded my expectations. Eline and Mic were both friendly and helpful. The food was amazing. I enjoyed all the spots we went. I'm so grateful I booked this trip with you, and hope to see you again!

Fred- 09/08/2016

The crew were well prepared, genuinely interested in showing the best spots and to make this experience the best possible. Always laid back and professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Would definitely do it again. Thanks guys!

Nicolas- 30/07/2016

I saw all what I expected and more!! Good feelings with people on the boat. I will recommend this cruise without any doubt. Thank you guys!!

Susanne- 28/07/2016

Loved the crew, very relaxed! Happy with the group atmosphere as well! Everything was just perfect. The places to see, the whales, the fishes, and the corals! Will be back and recommend!!

Marissa- 28/07/2016

Once in a lifetime trip! Very accommodating staff and awesome we could sail-a captain that can read the tide and water and make great choices for the comfort of the crew and guests. Antony was fantastic, accommodating everyone's wishes, even sleeping outside for mom! Thank you for an awesome time!! 

Michelle- 26/07/2016

Excellent fun. I enjoyed the humour and activities. The food was wonderful. I loved the Coco Pops and Lamingtons. The trip was very well planned according to the conditions. I'd recommend this to everyone. Thanks guys.

May- 26/07/2016

Particularly enjoyed the relaxed pace of the tour. Both crew members were very informative. Truly enjoyed this trip. THANKS!

Andrew- 16/07/2016

Incredible trip and vast array of spots to explore with knowledgeable captain and host. Very experienced crew made snorkeling of very high quality as they knew what to look for. Finally, would re-book in the future and recommend to friends and family.  


Way to make it fun in the rain! May the glass always be half full. We had a splendid time with everyone. The food was great, atmosphere was relaxed, with a sense of adventure. Great tunes too! Party on, and thanks for a great honeymoon.

Will- 12/07/2016

Really good trip. Great snorkel spots. All really well organized with good food, company and host/skipper!

Harold- 23/06/2016

The crew were the best. Both of them worked great together. Both very knowledgeable and compassionate. One of the best groups and I felt very relaxed and comfortable. Thank you for a great trip!

Sarah- 21/06/2016

Great crew and very comfortable boat. Made for a great trip!!

Ben- 02/06/2016

Great trip. Great knowledge of the area. Crew did everything they could do to show us the most of the islands.

Lisa & Luke- 14/04/2016

Memorable adventure- Beautiful vessel and super comfy staff and great food/ company.

Gary- 24/03/2015

Excellent staff; professional, friendly, ensured everyone was having a good time. Food was very tasty and fresh, well prepared!

Julie- 10/03/2015

Both captain and host really friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Provided a really great trip! Hosts laugh is legendary :) Good food and plenty of it. The boat was comfortable, clean, great!

Katharina- 03/03/2015

They were always very nice and they had a big knowledge about the islands. We had a great time and a lot of fun, and that was because they were so great! The food was just so yummy! :) The perfect catamaran!

Mary- 26/02/2015

Awesome experience. Extremely competent and friendly crew. Plenty of food to enjoy and well prepared and presented. Impressed that twelve guests fit comfortably with plenty of space to spare.

Sophie- 24/02/2015

Both very friendly and knowledgeable of the Whitsundays. Proud of their job, looking after the ocean and boat. Plenty of food and delicious! The boat always clean and tidy & comfortable beds!

Parker- 18/11/2014

Very informative and knowledgeable. Welcoming and extremely helpful. Funny as and great company. Ate more food in 3 days then I would consume all week. Was delicious and so nicely presented. Rather surprised of how much room there was. Really clean and comfy. Love it..Where can I buy one when I win the lotto! 

Carter - 11/11/2014

Crew were very friendly/helpful and well informed about the area, animal and sea life. Excellent meals, more than enough to go around. Accommodated vegetarian needs in our party very nicely. 

Hillman - 11/11/2014

Crew were very friendly and did everything to make this trip amazing. The curry on the first night was really good. A lot of snacks were provided too. Great boat, very clean, had everything you need.

Heldens - 23/10/2014

Both captain & host were very friendly, entertaining, smiling and interested! The host really did his best on preparing the food which is highly appreciated. 

Hakim - 25/09/2014

Richard was very pleasant and very well mannered. The food was excellent quality and large quantity at each breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nice treats also!

Deborah - 18/09/2014

The crew were very friendly and helpful. The captain was enthusiastic to tell about whatever we wanted to know. Food was good, good variety and plenty of it. The boat is well maintained and good for the number of people.

George - 18/09/2014

The crew was very friendly, knowledgeable and will do their best to ensure you have a good trip.

Hakim - 18/09/2014

The crew was very informative and fun as well as helpful and interesting. There was lots of food and snacks which were all healthy. No improvements needed. I had fun and was impressed by how everything fitted.

Maianna - 18/09/2014

Charlie and the skipper Dan were fantastic. They were very knowledgeable and friendly. Can't thank them enough, it was perfect. Great food and thank you for catering for my nut allergy. The boat was very clean, comfortable and big enough for the passengers it holds.

Anna - 28/08/2014

It was very nice to meet such friendly girls with a big passion for sailing!

Adamus - 28/08/2014

The crew was just perfect. Excellent food, not too heavy. very fresh and tasty and the portions were perfect. the boat was excellent!

Nils - 26/08/2014

The crew were simply amazing. So friendly with nice stories and jokes. You can't have any nicer food :) The boat and the whole trip was just unbelievable. Thanks a lot.

Cami - 05/08/2014

Skipper Sam and deckhand Rich have made our Whitsunday's trip an amazing and unforgettable adventure. Thanks guys. The food was LUSH. We were well fed every day, Rich puts on a lovely spread. Everything was really clean.

David - 29/07/2014

Both host and captain make the trip even better, you could not have asked for more. The food was brilliant and we never went hungry. Its surprising how much space was on the boat.

Leigh - 26/07/2014

The crew were Excellent, and the food was really great. The boat has great engines and sails very well.

Lieke - 05/07/2014

Very pleasant crew, super friendly. They brought us to the best sites and made me feel comfortable, I didnt feel much seasickness. The food was lovely. I liked it very much. There was a lot! We didn't get hungry at all. Nice boat with a good bedroom and lots of space.

Albert - 05/06/2014

Crew definitely made the impression that they knew what they were doing e.g high competence. Also creating activities which all passengers could do and would like with out any pressure. I was impressed with the quality of food in such a limited kitchen. I also liked the snakes/cakes. The boat was well maintained and clean.

Alice - 29/05/2014

We can't believe how hard the crew worked to keep us happy and safe. The food was great, thanks to Matt for preparing it all and washing up! What a luxury and very much appreciated. The boat was spacious and cozy with comfy beds. Loved it!

Van - 29/05/2014

Good group atmosphere thanks to the crew. The food was better then expected. We like that it was healthy and fresh.

Jeffery- 27/05/2014

Thanks for a fun cruise! Everything was great.

Malcolm - 01/05/2014

Both crew were very friendly and knowledgeable. They were helpful at all times and very conscience of safety especially in the water without being very obvious about it. The food was very good and varied and plenty of it. The boat is spacious.

Scott - 29/04/2014

Both Glen and Lucy were very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. This mad the trip very enjoyable and relaxing. The food was great, nice variety and just generally excellent food. Great yacht all over, beds comfy and spacious. Loved the hot tub!, loved being able to soak up the sun on the foredeck and relax in the shade astern.

Georgina - 29/04/2014

Both crew are very friendly and have excellent hosting skills. They were very knowledgeable and helpful when it came to going in the water. Plenty of food to keep us going even after swimming. The boat doesn't look very big but it is very comfortable and spacious.

Kelly - 19/04/2014

The crew are really nice and helpful guys. They are happy to answer all our questions and they are knowledgeable about the islands etc. The food was almost Michelin Star level!! HA

Julia - 19/04/2014

Both crew were very accommodating, friendly and fun. There was a really great choice and range of food and it was very well prepared and presented. The boat was in good order and is comfortable.

Charlotte & Nathan - 03/04/2014

Both Glen and Lucy were absolutely amazing throughout the whole trip. The food was gorgeous and there was always plenty to go round. Beautiful boat, very clean and tidy. Plenty of deck space for all to enjoy.

Phil - 27/03/2014

The crew were very chilled, friendly and knowledgeable. Perfect crew for this type of trip. The food was very enjoyable. Good variety and plenty of it. Snacks were excellent. The boat was well maintained, had enough space and was kept well cleaned throughout the trip.

Lil - 22/03/2014

Cass and Sam are great! they made the trip worth while. I was really impressed with the food. The boat was way more spacious and comfortable that I thought and as it looks.

 Teresa - 22/03/2014

Both crew were excellent and very helpful and happy to answer any questions. Food was lovely. Everything was so fresh and well prepared. Very impressed considering th space and 14 people to feed. Boat is deceptively big. Very comfortable and clean. Would be happy to come back again.

Chantelle - 13/02/2014

The crew were really nice and fun people and tried their best to make sure everyone was happy. The food was awesome and I was surprised how much food there was. Really Good! The boat was good. Enough space and a nice deck to sun bake and chill on. Also nice and clean.

Samantha B - 02/02/2014

Lovely crew. Both Ali and Glen couldn't do enough for you but were never in yor face smothering you. The perfect balance. The lasagne was fab and it was nice to have a huge salad each day. Don't change a thing! The boat had just the right amount of space for everyone enjoy themselves and get to know each other. Great sleeping quarters.

Sarah D - 07/01/2014

The crew were a great combo. The food was way better then I had imagined. It was a comfy boat with everything you'd need.

Alan - 04/01/2014

The crew made the atmosphere chilled out. There was plenty of food available at night times.

Marlena - 25/12/2013

The crew were incredibly nice and helpful. They made the trip extremely pleasant. The food was delicious. We felt extremely well fed. The boat was clean and nice.

Gillian & Michelle - 17/12/2013

Katie was brilliant. She was chatty, helpful, super attentive and very friendly. The extra lengths Keith went to get our luggage to us was above and beyond and we really appreciated it. Would definitely recommend. The food was fantastic, and lots of it. The boat was spacious, comfortable and clean. The bunks were very easy to sleep in despite the windy conditions.

Anita H Viken - 17/12/2013

The crew were friendly and service minded. There was lots of food and good variety. The boat was steady with lots of room and to a high standard. We loved the spa!

Daniel - 14/12/2013

Ryan and Chris were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They helped make the trip fantastic. The food was very good, very plentiful, we weren't at all hungry after the whole trip. The boat was very comfortable and had plenty of space.

Siobhon - 10/12/2013

The crew were very helpful, friendly and informative. Nothing was too much trouble. The food was delicious and there was lots of it. The boat was very comfortable and spacious. Comfortable beds and great sun bathing area at the front.

Kathryn - 10/12/2013

The crew were really friendly and helpful, and nice and laid back. The food was delicious, there was plenty of it too. Always went for 2nd helpings. The boat was lovely.

Henrik - 07/12/2013

The crew were great people. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Captain felt reliable and direct and at the same time friendly. The host was excellent at making you feel welcome and made great food. The snacks and dinner were always enough even for me who likes to eat a lot! The boat, spa, shower, clean toilets, fresh water and blue lights were all great.

Mel, Ruth & Carly - 05/12/2013

The crew were really friendly and easy going, a good laugh and fun to spend the trip with. The food was yummy!. The boat was awesome to stay in, and we will definitely be doing it again.

Nicola - 02/11/2013

Thank you so much for taking me diving, they were very helpful with strange allergies!

Anne - 29/10/2013

The crew ere great. Toby and Ben were both friendly and informative and went out of their way to make sure we enjoy our trip. the food was great and there was plenty - no one went hungry. It was my first overnight boat excursion and after Adventurer i would do it again.

Ron & Dottie - 24/10/2013

Loved Ryan and Cassie, they made us feel right at home. It was so much fun. Ryan knew everything and was a great sailor. Cassie was the best host and the cooking and food was exceptional.

Maria & Tom - 19/10/2013

captain gave us a lot of information and funny facts about the sea life. he also took us to the best places. the host was very friendly and did everything for us, they couldn't have done better. the food was really really good, WOW. the boat was nice and big and we LOVED the spa.

Lindsay - 17/10/2013

Both the skipper and host were amazing. very easy going and knowledgeable. they were lots of fun and made the trip enjoyable. The food was delicious and they were very accommodating for dietary needs. the boat was very spacious for a sailing vessel and great for relaxing. It was also nice and clean.

Jennifer - 17/10/2013

The crew were very friendly, willing to chat, informative and clearly love what they do. The food was excellent food considering the small space to prep/cook. The boat space was used very well.

Nicole - 15/10/2013

The crew made us all very welcomed and relaxed. We had an amazing trip that was only possible because the crew was professional but also happy to have a bit of fun and laugh with us. there was lots of food available and good variety. Again the crew were happy to make sure we were happy and comfortable (making cups of tea whenever we wanted!). The boat was very clean and comfortable. Was great that we could do a bit of sailing-all part of a lovely couple of days experience.

David - 12/10/2013

Both Ben and Ryan were great. I was very impressed and would highly recommend to others. The food was tasty and the boat was a great size for 12 people. The group size made for an enjoyable trip.

Megan - 01/10/2013

Best boat crew ever! very fun, outgoing, helpful and make you comfortable during your entire trip. Nice to see that Sam and Ryan work so well together too, best adopted parents. the food was very tasty and there was so much to chose from. there was never one point that you were hungry. the boat was clean and comfortable, and all the amenities you need. I didn't feel cramped and we felt at home.

Laura - 01/10/2013

The crew were very welcoming, nothing was too much trouble. Safety was paramount. A credit to your company. The food was yummy, especially considering amenities on board. Thanks Ryan.

Richard - 28/09/2013

Ryan and Emma really put themselves out to make our stay a memorable one. We were pleased to see so much fresh food like fruit and salad.

Olivia - 14/09/2013

Chris and Simon were both Awesome! Simon keen to get us to the best place for the condition and Chris extremely friendly, happy and always feeding and watering us. really nice food at regular intervals with great snacks and plenty of it. Great boat, plenty of space.

Nora - 06/06/2013

It was outstanding how Billy looked after us, brought drinks/ cake to the spa, prepared great food and kept the boat very tidy. Thanks for catering to vegetarians so well, was great to always have a snack after snorkeling. the boat was a good size, and it was great there were some private cabins. Modern!

Katie - 4/5/2013

Both the skipper and host were very friendly and made sure everyone had what they wanted. Very informative about the islands and getting up for sunrise over Whitehaven Beach was a highlight. Food was great with plenty of it lots of snacks to keep everyone fed throughout the day. Adventurers cabins were very spacious and a great boat to snorkel from. There was plenty of room for everyone without feeling cramped the host kept it amazingly clean throughout the trip. - Fab trip, loved it would definitely recommend!

James & Emily - 25/4/2013

Absolutely ace people, made the trip enjoyable and unforgettable. I was so full after each meal I wish I had room for more :( Boat was comfortable and clean - everything I had expected. UNFORGETTABLE!

Magda - 23/4/2013

Crew were very friendly and entertaining! went above and beyond to make sure everyone was comfortable and had a great time, thanx guys! Yey for snacks great food with lots of it! Whitsunday Adventurer is very comfortable and well equipped such an amazing adventure.

Cullen - 23/4/2013

I was very well informed during my trip on board Whitsunday Adventurer. The crew were professional, friendly, polite, courteous, funny, experienced and represent Australia very well. Over all the trip was amazing i feel very blessed!

Jame - 16/04/2013

Boat crew kept us very well entertained and looked after. The food was delicious and there was a good amount of snacks. my vegetarian diet was really well catered for a i wasn't made to feel like it was a hassle or problem. I was really impressed by the standard of the boat. It was clean and comfortable.

Helena - 2/4/2013

Friendly, relaxed and absolutely reliable crew. Provided lots of information and a great atmosphere on board. The food was great especially the fruit salad and nachos! The hot tub is so great with lots of space to lie down , all very clean and in great condition. Definitely one of the best experiences ive had so far in Australia! Thanks so much!

Catrin - 7/3/2013

Crew were great they looked after us brilliantly. Informative and extremely competent. I didn't expect to be fed to much. Viki worked wonders in her kitchen- my vegetarian diet wasn't a problem which was great. Whitsunday Adventurer was comfortable and fitted 12 people with ease.

John - 19/2/2013

Friendly, knowledgeable, very competent crew. Would love to travel with then again. Thanks guys for an awesome time!!! Highlight of my trip to OZ. Very well fed , delicious food - it kept coming WOW! Awesome 5 stars *****

Nat & Scott - 23/3/2013

Just Ideal! very helpful and easy going crew. Brilliant meals very frequent and best experience in oz to date. PERFECT!

Moran - 28/3/2013

Jayme was very welcoming from the very first moment at the meeting point which set the tone for the trip and both Mick and Jayme made a huge effort to make everybody feel welcome. Jayme did a great job preparing meals and lovely snacks.

Poulin - 28/3/2013

Mick and Jayme were fantastic! Funny and relaxing. Excellent food with a lot of variety, earthy foods! At lot of space clean and comfortable